Rubble bank

Picture from the collection

"The_Weightwatcher's_cabbage_diet_is_so_varied2.jpg" by Gillian Skyte

There is a place for disposing of rubble (of which we have much) near the Port Meadow gate. Before we had this facility, a lot of rubble was discarded into skips, which is costly. Now, if you have bits of pots, rocks, china etc., please place it in the containers near the Port Meadow gate when there is room! If the containers are overflowing, please keep your rubble on your plot until such time as there is space in the rubble bank.

The rubble gets re-used by some volunteers who take it and put it on the main paths where the ground has begun to sink, or where the paths need to be reinforced to avoid rutting when heavy vehicles drive over it. Please feel free to help yourself to it, e.g. for making bases for sheds and the like.