Trap Grounds Allotment Association

Enter your photos in the 2023 Photograph Competition and win a prize!

2023's theme was chosen at the 2022 harvest supper and is Pick Your Own, meaning pick your own subject for your photo.

There will be four prizes of £20, £10, £5 and £5 vouchers to spend at the the shop!

We expect to show the entries at the Allotment Harvest Supper on 11 November 2023. The winners will be announced for the first three prizes and the people's prize will be decided by a vote of the attendees at the Harvest Supper.

To enter photos:

Email the photos to Make sure you include your name and the title by which you wish your photo to be known, for each photo.

The entries...

Please note: your entry won't appear here immediately you send it, because I have to do some manual things to make it happen. If you are concerned you can't see your wonderful work of art, drop me a note to prompt me to make sure it gets displayed. Give it a day though before you contact me.


  1. The closing date for entries will be Tuesday 31 October 2023. The winners will be announced either at the Allotment Harvest Supper on Saturday 11 November 2023 or via email.
  2. The photographs will be judged by Karin Fremer. Her decision will be final.
  3. The prizes will be vouchers to be spent at the shop first prize £20, second prize £10, third prize £5 and a people's prize of £5.
  4. A maximum of three entries per photographer are allowed.
  5. By submitting your photo(s), you are allowing the allotment association to use the photo(s) on the allotment website, with attribution to the author.
  6. All entries must be of photos taken on the allotments. Photos clearly from your own plot will be given extra consideration by the judge(s).
  7. In the event of any other question, the decision of the allotment committee will be final.

Click on the image below to visit the album of all the entries so far.

2023 photo competition