Trap Grounds Allotment Association

Gardening Calendar


  • Plant dahlias
  • Start picking strawberries and gooseberries
  • Continue to earth up potatoes - just in case
  • Harvest asparagus
  • Thin out seedlings of beetroot, carrot and lettuce
  • Tomato plants can be planted out on your plot
  • Pinch out the growing points of peas which have flowered
  • It's your last chance for planting runner bean seeds
  • Plant out leeks from your seed bed
  • Strong runners on strawberry plants should be chosen for propagation
  • Start digging up early potatoes (8-10 weeks after planting)
  • Feed tomatoes regularly
  • Sow early turnips for an autumn crop
  • Net blackcurrant bushes
  • Sow Florence fennel on the longest day
  • Keep fruit bushes and trees well watered and weed-free
  • Cut back strong herbs such as mint and chives before they flower
Picture from allotment library